Is Vitamin B12 Good for Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

vitaminb12 for erectile dysfunction

The prevalent sexual problem ED has several methods of treatment. Apart from relying upon various ED drugs, there are some natural methods too. Those methods are free from possible side effects of ED drugs. Our system needs different types of Vitamins for erection and to work effectively. The level of those vitamins must be in […]

How to Cum More: Improve Your Sperm Count & Keep It Up

How to cum more

Decreasing sperm count is becoming a frequent problem nowadays. It is presumably because of their poor food habits and physical activeness. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), healthy sperm count is around 39 million per sample and if it goes down to 10 million per sample, it is considered as infertility. This annoying issue […]

Should You Go With Acupuncture for Erectile Dysfunction? Find It Here!


Erectile Dysfunction is a common problem occurs in men when they can’t maintain an erection. A number of causes might result in ED. But its treatment options are limited. One amidst these is Acupuncture. Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy used to stimulate the body parts with the use of hair-thin needles. It’s a proven way […]

Essential Oil for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Essential Oil

Even you are the best couple among the family and friends, but still, the sexual problem like erectile dysfunction can ruin the relationship. The inability to get an erection during sexual stimulation is known as erectile dysfunction. It is the general sexual problem in males. During sexual activity, males are not able to either erect […]