Penis Pump | How to Use a Penis Pump Safely?

Penis Pump

Here is everything you need to know about penis pumps. A device that helps keep your penis erect and helps in natural erection when used regularly and as advised. Know the risks, benefits, and how to use a penis pump safely. Erectile Dysfunction among men has become a common problem these days.

While a lot of them have relied on some ED drugs, the others might be trying to treat the problem with Kegel exercise or Jelqing exercise. Penis enlargement surgeries even have become the hot and favorite cosmetic surgery among men who are obsessed with a longer and thicker penis.

There are two most common methods to treat erectile dysfunction. Either you are prescribed and take oral medications like Viagra 200 mg and Generic Cialis 60mg or other means like penile injections. But here is another method too. Which are our talks for today and you can thoroughly consider them to give them a try. Yes! I am talking about the Penis pumps.

What Is a Penis Pump?Penis Pump1

The device is basically a plastic tube that helps in maintaining the erection and may be among the few treatments for the inability to maintain the same. The tube gets completely fits over your penis, and there is a band that gets fit around the base of the penis when it gets erected. But the question is where the pump comes into action.

There is a hand or battery-powered pump attached to it, which helps the penis to get erect. The device is also known as a vacuum erection device.


How To Use A Penis Pumps?

Using the vacuum erection device is not as hard as it might sound. Well, I can guide you step by step too and hope that it will be easier for you also.

First, you need to place the device on your penis

To create a vacuum, you need to pump the air out of the cylinder. The produced vacuum will help to carry blood into the shaft and that is how your penis will start to get erect

Now when your penis is erected, you can place the band onto the base of your penis. Using the cock ring helps in maintaining an erection and growing the amount of blood within the sex organs. Cock Ring improves the stamina of the person to do sexual activities. Here you are advised to use some lubricant so that your band slides smoothly.

After the vacuum is released, you can remove the pump.


What benefits of Penis Pump?

The only and maximum bonus that you get using the vacuum erection device is that your penis gets erected without any influence of side effects that you may encounter while using other drugs. But there are other benefits too. And those benefits are the reason why you must rely on the device.

First of all, the pump works effectively to erect your penis without consuming any oral drug, or without performing any exercise sessions. With the help of the device, men can get the sufficient erection they might need for having sex.

The vacuum that gets created after pumping out the air present in the cylinder helps in the blood flow to the penis. Having enough blood flow helps your penis to erect faster and easier.

Not only the penis pump helps you instantly by helping your penis to erect while having sex, but regular use of the pump helps you to improve the length and girth too. It restores the ability of natural erection, and you can achieve that without undergoing any medical intervention. The penis pump is beneficial in Painful Erections; it treats them naturally. An erect penis is the key to good sex. You can last longer in bed, and you can reach the peak of orgasm when you have a complete erection.

RisksPenis Pump Risk

To get something good, you need to tolerate some obstacles too. There is no gain without pain. With all the benefits you get while using Vacuum Constriction Devices, you may encounter some risk factors also.

The frequency of using the device varies from person to person. While one can need to use the device multiple times in one day, others may need to use it less often.

Like any other medical device, the erecting device comes up with a user manual. It is safe to follow the guidelines for using the penis pump to make safe use of it. While creating the vacuum and pumping out the air inside you must be very careful as your penis might get injured if the pressure of the air is way too much.

Those who use medication for blood thinning and also take the help of the penis pump device to erect their penis may face a higher risk of internal bleeding. If you are suffering from sickle cell anemia, then using a penis pump may cause a blood clot in your penis.


Several brands manufacture this penis erecting device and while buying one you might need to pay between $300 to $500 according to the brand you choose for yourself. Though the amount may seem to be a little in the higher range, the way it works and the promptness of the device can be worth the amount you pay for it.

While buying a penis pump or vacuum erectile device for your use, it is better to get one battery-powered. It doesn’t take much hand strength and can be helpful even for those who are suffering from arthritis or other nerve-related disorders.

Other Options

Even though the benefits of using the penis pump are more than the risks of using it, you have all the right to know about different options too. If you want to stay stiff in your oral consumption, then I can suggest you something better than Viagra 100mg or Generic Cialis 5mg tablets.

The oral medicine that I would love to suggest is Sildenafil Citrate 5omg. Sildenafil increases the blood flow to your penis and helps in treating erectile dysfunction and helps to erect your penis. It can take up to 30 minutes for the medicine to work. The dosage of the drug depends upon your medical condition and other medications you might be following.


Erectile dysfunction has become a common problem among men 40 years older or older. 40% of people ranging between the age might be fighting with the problem. Maintaining the erection by taking medication is not enough to create a strong bond with your partner. You can achieve closeness in other ways too and which is beyond intercourse.

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