What Is the Best Pill to Stay Hard?

What Is the Best Pill to Stay Hard

Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), Vardenafil (Levitra), and Avanafil (Stendra) are the four main medicines used to treat Erectile Dysfunction. These drugs all act in the same way. There are, however, subtle changes in how long they remain effective and how quickly they start working. Levitra takes around 30 minutes to start working and has a little longer duration of action than Viagra, lasting roughly 5 hours. Viagra takes roughly 30 minutes to work and has an effect of about 4 hours. Cialis has a substantially longer effect, lasting up to 36 hours in some circumstances. Stendra can begin working in as little as 15 minutes.


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is extremely inconvenient, yet it is usually not dangerous. If you take nitrates for chest pain, such as nitroglycerin or a comparable prescription, do not use these ED pills. The combination has the potential to result in dangerously low blood pressure. All of these medicines also react adversely with alcohol.


1) Sildenafil (Viagra)

Sildenafil (Viagra) is an effective treatment for ED and can also be used to treat other disorders such as high blood pressure. The pills are available in doses of Viagra 50mg, Viagra 100 mg, Viagra 120mg, Viagra 150mg, and Viagra 200 mg. Viagra is a fast-acting medication that begins working within 60 minutes of ingesting the pill. The effects can continue for up to four hours. Serious adverse effects are uncommon, however, allergic reactions and heart problems are possible.

However, it may be unsuitable for persons who have certain chronic disorders, such as multiple sclerosis or heart problems. Other medications, including heart disease and blood pressure medications, can interact with Viagra.

2) Vardenafil (Levitra) Pill

Vardenafil (Levitra), like other PDE5 ED drugs, increases blood flow to the penis. Vardenafil has also been shown to be effective in clinical trials. Levitra, unlike Stendra, is available in a less expensive generic form. You can choose the dosage of Levitra from lower Levitra 10mg to Levitra 60mg higher according to your ED degree

The disadvantage of this medication is that it takes longer to start working and has a shorter period than Viagra.

3) Tadalafil (Cialis) Pill

Tadalafil (Cialis) acts in the same way by increasing blood flow to the penis. Doctors are using Cialis to treat pulmonary hypertension and prostatic enlargement. People take it as an oral pill for ED. Cialis is the longest-lasting PDE5 medication for ED, generally lasting up to 24-36 hours. Cialis can be taken at a low dose — Cialis 2.5mg to Cialis 5mg — once a day, making it a longer-term option. People who participate in sexual activities regularly may want to take a daily tablet.

Cialis is pricier than Viagra and Levitra. As a result, using Cialis regularly can be costly. Long-term use may impede or postpone therapy for the underlying cause of ED, which might be psychological. Cialis may also interact with a variety of medications, including common blood pressure medications.

4) Avanafil (Stendra) Pill

Another PDE5 inhibitor is Avanafil (Stendra). Stendra, unlike Cialis and Viagra, does not come in a generic version. It operates in the same way as other medications in its class do by increasing blood flow to the penis. A single dose of Stendra delivers Erectile Dysfunction relief for up to six hours. This means that Stendra lasts slightly longer than the Viagra pill (usually three to five hours) but does not match Cialis’ extraordinarily extended duration of action (up to 36 hours).

Stendra can begin working 15 minutes after taking the medication. According to a 2014 study, both older and younger persons preferred Stendra to other PDE5 medications due to its fast effects. The disadvantage of this medicine is that it is not accessible in generic form, therefore it may be more expensive than other PDE5 treatments.


Sildenafil (Viagra). This drug works best when taken one hour before intercourse on an empty stomach. If you have mild to moderate Erectile Dysfunction, it works for four to five hours.

Vardenafil (Levitra) is an Erectile Dysfunction medication. You should take this medicine one hour before sex for the most satisfying effect. And you can take this medicine with or without food. A high-fat meal may prevent it from absorbing as quickly as it should. If you have mild to severe Erectile Dysfunction, vardenafil will work for four to five hours or more. A newer type of medicine that dissolves on the tongue may work faster than the pill. It is however more expensive than Viagra and Cialis.

Tadalafil (Cialis) is taken one to two hours before sex, with or without meals. It works for up to 36 hours. You can take tiny doses on a daily basis or you can regulate the doses as per requirement when needed.

Avanafil (Stendra) depends upon the dose and is accordingly given daily with or without food 30 minutes before intercourse. Its effects can linger for up to six hours.

Vardenafil (Levitra) is a costly medication that offers no major advantages over Viagra or Cialis. If sildenafil hasn’t worked for you, it’s worth a go. It works just as effectively as sildenafil (Viagra) or tadalafil (Cialis) at treating ED, and the side effects are extremely comparable.

Thus, if you want to stay hard just for a few hours, Viagra is the finest choice. However, if you want to have sexual intercourse numerous times throughout the day and want the second or third arousal to be prompt, Cialis is a better option.

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