8 Ways to Improve Your Intimate Life

8 Ways to Improve Your Intimate Life



Ways to improve intimate life start with a healthy body and healthy mind. A healthy mind is a relaxed mind. Without a relaxed mind, it is not possible to have a desire for intimacy.  And males in mid-years of life, in their 30s and 40s, should learn to manage stress and anxiety in life. Only then can they take steps to improve intimacy. For mid-aged males, erection dysfunction is a common threat to intimate life. They need to have awareness about it to manage it.


Intimacy means closeness with the partner. It also means a deep understanding of one another and knowing that the other loves. Intimacy needs a physical connection between couples. A healthy intimacy means frequent intimate sessions with satisfaction on both sides.

The problem in intimacy comes in the mid-years of life. This is the period when both partners are building their careers or leading a hectic life. They have to manage both personal and professional life at the same time. They cannot find time for the intimacy part of life. The routine sets in which makes every intimate session a boring and drag on life. This is also the time when males face erection issues due to various physical and emotional causes. Doctors recommend erectile dysfunction doses like Viagra 120mg which easily overcomes the erection issue. However, one should also take other steps to improve and maintain the intimate session.

Take care of health

You cannot have a healthy intimate life with poor health. Avoid heavy oily and fatty food. Increase the portion of vegetables, whole grains, fruits and nuts in your diet. Spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, leafy green dark vegetables of rainbow colour will ensure that you are free from type 2 diabetes and blood pressure. These two lifestyle diseases often break the intimate life of couples. The major cause of erectile dysfunction among males above 30 years of life is type 2 diabetes.

Increase consumption of fruits and nuts 

Certain fruits like pomegranate, watermelon, berries, etc. increase blood circulation in the body. The nitrate in them gets converted into nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels to improve blood circulation.

Nuts like walnuts have omega 6 fatty acids to remove debris of waxy substances in blood vessels. Brazilian nut, the rich source of selenium, helps cover the shortcoming in libido, which is an important factor for maintaining intimacy.

Keep communication open to prevent misunderstanding

Intimacy means knowing each other and feeling comfortable in each other’s presence. Open communication is an important part of maintaining intimacy.  Know what makes each other happy and satisfied. During the intimate session, it helps to know the comfort and satisfaction level of each other.  

Many couples take intimacy as another form of conversation. The more they talk, the more intimate they feel. So communication is the way to intimacy. The communication can be on your day spent in the office or feelings and emotions you have.

Overcome erectile dysfunction

It has become easy to overcome erectile dysfunction with food and drug administration approved Viagra. Its generic versions are also available at an affordable cost.  Cenforce 100mg is a widely popular generic version of Viagra.

Those who are suffering from a higher degree of erectile dysfunction weakness are suggested Viagra 150mg by doctors. The generic dose of Viagra is especially for males who cannot get desired results from smaller doses. It is important to take erectile dysfunction seriously, as it can damage the intimacy between couples.

Take erectile dysfunction seriously

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among males. It can emerge due to several physical and emotional causes. Never allow erectile dysfunction to create a difference between you and your partner. It is easy to deal with erectile dysfunction. Early detection is even reversible without medication.

When detected with erectile dysfunction make lifestyle changes. Change diet, incorporate exercises in daily routine and instead of avoiding intimacy increase intimate sessions with the partner. It has been observed by doctors, the increasing gap between intimate sessions further reduces chances of recovery from erectile dysfunction.

For emotional and psychological causes behind erection resistance, take counselling sessions with the partner. The partner comes to know the basic emotions of the partner. Understanding helps the partner to support each other better.

Take short getaway

A short getaway for even a day plays a huge role in creating a desire for intimacy. If you feel the boredom of the same place behind lack of desire, then getaway is the simple and short solution. A new location, new ambience and freedom from stress often reignite the passion.

Take yoga or meditation classes together

Yoga poses will increase core strength, endurance and stamina. These three pillars increase jeet or intimacy, encouraging more such sessions. At least sometime in the week should be fixed for joint yoga or meditation sessions.  The more physically energetic you feel the more intimate you may want to become. The energy should come from either physical exercises or yoga sessions.

Maintain emotional intimacy

Female partners often want to feel emotionally attached, before getting intimate. One way to increase emotional intimacy is having conversations on all subjects that partners like to have. Experts say that some couples like demonstrations of intimacy like hugging or kissing, while others prefer subtle signs of appreciation and feeling of being cared for and loved. Try to maintain that level for greater intimacy at the physical level.  


It is easy to maintain intimacy. One just needs the desire to maintain intimacy and caring and sharing for each other. Males have to take care of their health so that they can maintain their part of the intimacy.

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