Organic Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Men


Erectile Dysfunction has now taken over a vast population of males all over the world. With erectile dysfunction being a severe issue that can damage your personal life, treating it becomes vital. People generally ignore it or feel shy talking about it and hence end up landing into major problems.

Hence to avoid this you must take precautions and treat it before it negatively affects you. To ensure that you precisely treat erectile dysfunction, you must have enough knowledge regarding its causes and symptoms.

It is a must to visit a doctor but before that, you have to be clear about ED. Be here till the end to understand the whole term.

Deciphering the Term Erectile Dysfunction:

The most common problem among men of all ages is erectile dysfunction. It is a state in which a male has a crisis in maintaining a firm Erection that is competent to have intercourse. In simple terms, it can be defined as a condition of impotence in a man irrespective of age.

The severity of the condition depends on different factors and at times. But the good news is it is treatable even if it is severe. Every Time you have trouble attaining an erection is not a matter to worry about as sometimes it could be just a momentary condition. 

Treating the underlying condition is important and hence you must visit the doctor without embarrassment if the impotence persists. The doctor might prescribe you medicine like Fildena 100mg that will surely treat the condition. But before all this, you must have a primary knowledge of what led to this situation.

Talking about the causes of Erectile Dysfunction they are divided into two types: organic erectile dysfunction and psychogenic. Further discussing organic causes of erectile dysfunction, it is the most common among most males.

What Do You Understand by the Term Organic Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?


Organic causes of Erectile Dysfunction are factors that physically hamper proper blood progression to genitals or hinder the reasonable blood maintenance in the erectile tissue of male genitals. Eighty percent of males face erectile dysfunction due to organic causes and the rest ten to twenty percent are due to psychogenic factors.

There is a steep rise of middle-aged men about the condition of Erectile Dysfunction and in the majority of cases, the contributing ones are organic factors. Organic erectile dysfunction is at times an issue to worry about as it shows the presence of some severe diseases in your body.

Yes, if you have any other illnesses like diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, etc… it can unknowingly lead to erectile dysfunction. You might not know what is wrong with you and why you are having ED issues.

Therefore it is advisable that as soon as you feel that this issue remains for a long time you must without giving a second thought visit the doctor. He/She will provide you with an exact diagnosis that will reveal other causes if any. 


What Are the Categories in Which Organic Erectile Dysfunction Is Divided?

Further organic causes of Erectile Dysfunction are divided into two more subcategories. These subcategories are 

  • vascular
  • neurologic reasons.

Both of these might contribute efficiently to the issue that pertains. You must get a diagnosis from a doctor to decide which one is affecting you. Your physician will provide you with the right guidance and medication that will help you conquer erectile dysfunction.


What Do You Mean by Carcinogenic Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Vasculogenic erectile dysfunction that is categorized under organic causes of erectile dysfunction is a situation that happens due to arterial insufficiency or venous leak syndrome.

If you have inadequate arterial blood succession to your genitals this condition is known to be arterial insufficiency. This condition further leads to a problem in an erection that needs proper treatment. As blood flow decreases your genitals cannot maintain an erection. 

Erectile dysfunction might happen when the vascular system that leads to erection is damaged in one way or another. It can also be caused by hypertension, increased stress and anxiety levels, heart-related issues, or diabetes.

If you have erectile dysfunction it might be an indication of atherosclerosis and congestive heart failure. The major cause of injury in the vascular system is due to damage in the nerves of the heart or neck and therefore the risk of confronting heart attack increases. 

The damage to the structure of penile erectile tissue that condenses small veins which send back blood flow from erection to typical circulation which in turn governs to loss of erection is known as venous leak syndrome.

Illnesses such as diabetes and other chronic diseases that hamper the elasticity of erectile tissue and don’t allow it to expand on blood flow can also lead to venous leak syndrome. You may need treatments like Cenforce 200 mg to cure this type of erectile dysfunction. 


What Do You Mean by Neurological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

There are innumerable neurological nerve-related causes of erectile dysfunction. Diabetes, having alcohol frequently, multiple sclerosis, metal poisoning in heavy amounts, psychological medications like anti-anxiety and antidepressants are categorized under the neurological factors contributing to organic erectile dysfunction.

Also, ED can be a result of other neurological disorders like injury to the spinal cord or nerves and damage to the nerve that controls pelvic operations. You must have to get in touch with a doctor as it can lead to severe issues that can be fatal at the time.


To wrap up this text erectile dysfunction does not occur only due to a single reason. If you categorize it and view it the most important causes of erectile dysfunction are organic ones.

You might have until now got an idea of the organic causes of erectile dysfunction and its severity. If you think you have a tough time maintaining an erection and this issue is for a long time you must go to the doctor. Don’t hesitate and just get treatment for it.

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