Acupuncture for Erectile Dysfunction? Find It Here!


Erectile Dysfunction is a common problem occurs in men when they can’t maintain an erection. A number of causes might result in ED. But its treatment options are limited. One amidst these is Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy used to stimulate the body parts with the use of hair-thin needles. It’s a proven way to maintain the body’s chi (Chinese word for breath or energy levels of the body). People usually think twice before resorting to acupuncture for Erectile Dysfunction. Can acupuncture therapy help ED? Let’s gauge about it.

Can Acupuncture Help ED?

Beyond any doubt, Yes, it can! Acupuncture is a great way to treat ED. The electroacupuncture for erectile dysfunction helps you attain effective results with intercourse satisfaction. It is clearly a valid option to treat psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

What is Acupuncture Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction?


Acupuncture is a well-known therapy used for several purposes, including erection dysfunction treatment. It is a Chinese therapy to treat ED and the following process is followed for it:

Needles are inserted into acupoints in underlying tissues & the skin. The hair-thin needles are used to insert into around 361 spots of the body. The successful acupuncture therapy depends upon:

  • Choosing the appropriate site for it
  • Inserting it into the required angle
  • The depth of insertion

These three tiers are the base of acupuncture and failing in anyone by the acupuncturist might not bring the desired results. The needle is inserted into the body part until the patient feels tingling or numbness of it.

Acupuncture highly depends on Qi control points. Qi is basically the Chinese name of energy flow. The Sex Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction regulates the functioning of the nervous system, circulatory, and endocrine to a great extent by bringing more Qi to organs or vacuous areas and even release out its excess quantity where it is accumulated.

Is Acupuncture for Erectile Dysfunction Impotence, Safe?

Acupuncture is a reliable way to get final riddance from a number of problems and diseases. Now it’s widely used for ED patients and before relying on it they always fear about its safety.

If you too are worrying for the same, then relax! Acupuncture is safe for ED. Its safety and efficacy largely depend upon the acupuncturist and you must count on just certified and licensed acupuncturists, instead of taking the services from anyone. It’s a must if you want to attain the positive results in ED treatment.

What is Acupuncture Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction?


Does acupuncture work for erectile dysfunction? This is the common query in the mind of people. Earlier this Chinese technique didn’t fetch much attention to treat ED problems, however, it is relatively safe and quite a simple way to restore. A number of studies on women & men having sexual dysfunction have been done to extract out its acupuncture benefits for erectile dysfunction and fetch several positive outcomes. Here are the benefits based on those studies, you might enjoy after having acupuncture:

  • Improved multiple sexual functions such as the timing of ejaculation, erection, ability to orgasm, etc.
  • Improved libidos among women.
  • Treat the root cause of every sexual dysfunction and improve overall sexual health.
  • Either the sexual dysfunction issues are because of depression, hormonal changes, headaches, endometriosis or anything, acupuncture helps in treating it by using needles inappropriate points.
  • This technique amazingly balances the levels of stress hormones and reduce it considerably. This eventually has a bearing on relaxation, state of mind and ultimately the desire.

A number of studies have been done to check its results and the doctors have attained positive results in most of the cases. However, some studies showcased mixed results as well. But if you look at the whole, then you will find its positive bearing on this issue.

What are the Best Acupuncture Points for Erectile Dysfunction?


For its treatment, needles are placed on several body parts which eventually treat ED. Acupuncture needle placement is done with the utmost care and after complete physical diagnosis of the patient so that proper results can be extracted from it.

Acupuncture Points for Impotence:

  • K3- Kidney 3

The needle is placed in the depression between tendon calcaneus and medical malleolus tip. Thus, this K3 can be located on the posterior to the medial malleolus on the foot.

  • GV4- Governing Vessels 4

On the lower back midline, the needle is pierced in the depression below the second L2 (Lumbar Vertebra) spinous process.

  • HT7- Heart 7

The location of this acupuncture is on the wrist. It is where the palm faces upward at the end of the distal wrist crease on the radial side of flexor carpi ulmaris tendon.

  • UB 23- Urinary Bladder 23

On the backside, to the lower border of second lumbar vertebra’s spinous process, it is placed 1.5 cun lateral.

  • PC 6- Pericardium 6

This point is located on the forearm’s palmar aspect which is 2 cun above the wrist transverse crease. It is in between palmaris longus and flexor carpi radialis tendons and on the line connecting PC 7 and PC 3.

These are some points for acupuncture, but the pressure point for ED is not limited to these points only. Mostly acupuncture is done on the points located on the legs, hands, and abdomen.

Does Acupuncture for Low Testosterone Work?


Yes. A number of studies have been conducted to check the results on low testosterone and its working after acupuncture and luckily the researchers have gotten positive results.

Testosterone is basically a hormone which starts decreasing in men when they cross the age 30. Thereafter, in every year, the level of this hormone steadily decreases with one percent each year. The point to worry is low testosterone results in lowered sex drive, and its ultimate takeaway is difficulty in erection. Generic Cialis 60mg tablet is another option to treat ED Problems. It can take without a prescription.

But this aging side effect will not be impactful with acupuncture. Acupuncture for low testosterone works and it has been proved from a number of studies conducted by researchers. You can certainly deal with it by resorting to acupuncture therapy.

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