Is Beetroot Juice Helpful for Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

Beet Root Juce

Erectile Dysfunction or ED is a common problem among men. Due to the increase in age and other physical factors, many men encounter difficulty in having a perfect erection. Many of them search for the best Generic Erectile Dysfunction (ED) medicine to treat the disorder. There is no doubt in the fact that the market has ample of ED drugs. But every time it is not very relevant for all to rely on medicines.

Most of the medicine have noteworthy side effects and can harm the body in many ways. But how about a natural remedy which can help? Beet juice might be unlikely but is said to very useful for ED treatment.

Is Beet Root Juice For ED A Myth Or A Truth?

Beet juice might not have any direct connection in treating ED. But high Blood pressure is one of the most substantial causes of the problem. Many blood vessels get damaged due to the issue. Some research shows that drinking beet juice regularly can lower blood pressure. Also drinking beet juice increases the level of nitric oxide in the human body.

In various articles previously, we have deliberated how Nitric Oxide plays a pivotal role in the election. It also helps other ED druds to work better in the body. If you want to prefer drinking beet juice for ED, you can simply buy it from a nearby store. Also, fresh Beetroot juice can serve equally to treat the dysfunction.

How Can You Use Beetroot For ED?


The best way of consuming beetroot is by extracting fresh juice from it. Don’t leave the greens and grind them all together with the help of a mixer. Buying beet juice is easy as we have discussed earlier. Many juice shops also sell fresh beet shots. The fruit is naturally sweet, and you don’t need any sweet additive to make the juice drinkable.

You can also pair the beet juice with carrot, celery, ginger or apples. Though there is not any recommended amount of beetroot for ED to consume daily. But it is always better to ask your doctor to regulate the amount of juice safe for you.

Other Health Benefit Of Beet Fruit Juice:


Apart from lowering the blood pressure, increasing the nitric oxide in the body, beetroot has another significant benefit in the human body too. The juice is enriched with vital minerals and vitamins like potassium, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamine B12 and manganese.

The beet fruit juice is also a good source of Vitamin B and fiber. It can keep your bowels regular and help you’re keeping an adequate body weight. Apart from Beet juice for ED, it also takes control over your body cholesterol level. If you consume a shot of beetroot before working out, you can feel increased stamina too. The fruit dilates the blood vessels and manages the blood to reach every muscle.

Is There Any Risk Of Using Beet Extract For ED?


Beet can affect many body conditions like

  • Diabetes
  • Kidney
  • And Stomach.

Thus, be sure about the physical problems that can cause ED and gets stimulated by beet. Beet extract for ED is an excellent remedy. People who prefer natural resources over Generic ED Drugs consume beet extract regularly. But over drinking of any healthy juice even can have adverse side effects. Red urine can be observed in many cases. Beetroot is not helpful for people who are suffering from kidney stones. Though you must not stop eating beet altogether, thus, all you can do is control its limit. If you are taking any medicine for lowering blood pressure, you can drink beet juice along with that. Also, beets are high in sugar, thus if you are diabetic, control your intake cautiously.

Are Beetroot Pills Carry The Same Benefit As The Fruits?

Beet Root Pills

Though the vegetable is suitable for direct consumption, many people prefer to have beetroot pills instead. The fruit is commonly used to treat several liver diseases, lowering blood pressure, etc. There are many manufacturers of the beetroot pills, and the tablets can be readily available over any local drug store or online pharmacies.

The pills are to be taken orally, and they are made of pure beetroot extract.

Is There Any Powder Form Of Beetroot?


Yes, why not? Beetroot powder is available in the market. It has the same nutritional benefits and vitamins as the beetroot has. It is rich in fiber, calcium, iron, antioxidants, and other vital nutrients. The product is made by drying and concentrating the vegetable. The powder has become surprisingly popular among the athletes, who need daily beetroot intake.

Because of being a high nitrate content, this is also good for the ED patients. The products also help in circulating oxygen all over the body. There are various beetroot powder dosages suggested by many experts. But one can take an adequate amount of 500 mg of beetroot powder regularly. The powder is basically taken by the athletes, 30 minutes before to any activity. Other options are also available to get more sexual power ie. Generic Sildenafil 200mg Tablets. You can take it without any perceptions. Thus, you can also prefer having these pills 30 minutes before any sexual activity.


In the end, I hope there is no doubt about the fact that beetroot for ED is an excellent remedy. The extract doesn’t have any severe side effect of harming the body adversely. If you find any trouble due to the consumption of the juice, the amount of use can simply be decreased. Our body needs the nutrients that beetroot carries for various health benefits.

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