Is Vitamin B12 Good for Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

vitaminb12 for erectile dysfunction

Is Vitamin B12 Good for Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

  • The prevalent sexual problem ED has several methods of treatment. Apart from relying upon various ED drugs, there are some natural methods too.
  • Those methods are free from possible side effects of ED drugs. Our system needs different types of Vitamins for erection and to work effectively. The level of those vitamins must be in a balanced way to help your system to operate appropriately.
  • The deficiency of any vitamin affects the working of your various parts or functions. Thus, you will not be surprised to know there are specific responsible vitamins for erection. If you lack the level of any of these nutrients, you might lack the sexual pleasure in your life.

What Are The Vitamins For Erectile Strength?

vitamins for erectile strength

  • If you can manage to keep up the appropriate and required level of the essential vitamins, your ED problem is curable.
  • If you see the various causes of erectile dysfunction, you can find that taking dietary supplements or keeping up a healthy lifestyle can aid the treatment.
  • Taking supplementary vitamins, minerals and nutrients thus has a pivotal role to play in your sexual life.

Erection and Vitamin D:

  • Patients who suffer from erectile dysfunction also found with the deficiency of Vitamin D.
  • Many studies have found that men who suffer from the deficiency are more likely to get affected by the disorder. The reason behind it is that the lack of this particular vitamin causes obesity in the body and a higher BMI.

Erection and Vitamin B3:

  • Niacin for ED is widely known by all. It B3 is exclusively used to regulate the fat and carb of your body.
  • It helps you to generate energy out of the hazardous components. Obesity or higher cholesterol level is another cause of erectile dysfunction.
  • It is a barrier to adequate blood flow to your penis. Thus, your penis doesn’t get enriched with enough blood level needed to get an erection.

Erection and Vitamin C:

  • We all know Vitamin C is helpful to maintain healthy skin and general health, But the vitamin has an even more significant contribution tow your sex life. Nitric oxide is an essential element to help you to fight against erectile dysfunction.
  • In fact, if your body can maintain the proper level of nitric oxide in the body, you might never get affected by the problem at all.
  • But why are we talking about nitric oxide in here? That is because the antioxidants of Vitamin C boost the production of nitric oxide in the body. It also prevents nitric oxide breakdown.
  • The ascorbic acid helps in the increased production of Nitric Oxide, and it directly affects the bioactivity of nitric oxide.

Is Vitamin B12 has any role in regulating your sex life? Erectile dysfunction is not treated directly with Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 for erectile dysfunction is used to treat the symptoms of ED & regulate the blood flow.

Does Vitamin B12 For Erectile Dysfunction Work?

vitamin b12 for erectile dysfunction

  • This is an essential B vitamin. Apart from impacting the blood cells and other connective tissues, it also affects brain functioning. It is generally known as Cobalamin.
  • When your body has a lower level of the vitamin, it may cause a deficiency. It synthesizes the red blood cells of your body.
  • Thus, lacking the required level can cause neurological problems and even anemia.
  • Red meats are the most significant source of this nutrient. But people who prefer a vegan diet can take this as an outside supplement.
  • It is a water-soluble vitamin that can travel through the bloodstream of your body. The excess of the unwanted amount of the nutrient gets excreted through urine.
  • Vitamin B12 for erectile dysfunction works by creating new blood cells in the body. Though the deficiency of the component has no severe side effects on your body. But it impacts the body functions to some extent.
  • The primary role it plays is in the conversion of fat and carbohydrate to energy.
  • Then energy is later used in various body functioning. It is an injectable form of an element. Thus, people who suffer from the shortage can take it directly by injecting it.

Can Vitamin B12 Deficiency Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

B12 deficiency for erectile dysfunction

  • It is used for converting the fats and carbohydrates of your body into energy. It also makes new protein in the body.
  • Vitamin B12 dosage for Erectile Dysfunction is also vital for the connective tissues of your body like blood, nerves, and cells. Though intaking, the sufficient amount of this vitamin is manageable. But there are many health conditions where you may lack the proper level of this vitamin in your body.
  • Some specific infections, stomach problems, or even poor nutrition can affect the level of the nutrient in your body. It may result in anemia and nerve damage too.
  • The blood flow of your body plays an important role to keep up your erection.
  • The arteries which carry the blood from the body to the penis must be in enough healthy condition, to get a sufficient amount of blood to the penis. Deficiency of the nutrient affects the health of the arteries, and it even may cause inflammation.
  • It is found that an erected penis stores 6 times more blood than the general blood flow.
  • Causing anemia or damaged arteries eventually impacts the blood flow to the penis. It is difficult for your penis to get a harder and complete erection without the needed blood flow.

Vitamin B12 Dosage for Erectile Dysfunction

  • Lack of Vitamin B 12 could be the risk factor for erectile dysfunction.  Vitamin B 12 plays an important role in the metabolism of the homocysteine.
  • The higher levels of homocysteine are associated with cardiovascular disease. And cardiovascular disease is one of the major underlying factors of erectile dysfunction.
  • Studies have found that homocysteine is linked with erectile dysfunction in the younger man.
  •  Whatever may be the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction, the lack of blood flow to the penis is the basic reason. Anything that increases the flow of the penis is a cure for erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin B12 Help a Man With Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Vitamin B 12 or folic acid produces nitric oxide. Nitrate oxide helps narrow blood vessels relax. The relaxed blood vessels let blood flow freely. The nitrate oxide is also produced in the body during sexual stimulation. That is the reason why an erection takes place. Vitamin B 12 helps in the release of nitrate oxide to increase blood flow to the male sexual organ. The same action is performed by the Cialis.
  • Vitamin B 12 is found in eggs, red meat, milk, poultry, animal liver, kidney, beef, fortified cereals, chess, fish, etc.
  • However, anyone who wants instant results needs to take Cialis 5mg for getting the erection within 30 minutes. It helps anyone with any degree of erectile dysfunction.

Cialis 5mg

Who Can Cause The Deficiency Of Vitamin B12?

  • As the primary source of this vitamin is red meat, the vegan people can get a deficiency
  •  People who intake a higher amount of alcohol might get affected by the lack
  •  Certain health conditions like bowels problem, small intestine problem or even gastritis can lead you to a deficiency of this.


  • If you can compare most of the Ed treatment guide, you can find one thing to be shared in most of them. A healthy diet and lifestyle can ignore many health conditions that directly or indirectly affect your erection.
  • Keeping up a healthy digestive system can uphold the required Vitamin B12 dosage for erectile dysfunction in the body. You can take this supplement orally or through a nasal spray. The vegans can intake the Vitamin and ignore deficiency.

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