How to Cum More: Improve Your Sperm Count & Keep It Up

How to cum more

Decreasing sperm count is becoming a frequent problem nowadays. It is presumably because of their poor food habits and physical activeness.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), healthy sperm count is around 39 million per sample and if it goes down to 10 million per sample, it is considered as infertility.

This annoying issue can affect the sexual relationship and tremendously break a man. If you are looking for the answer of how to cum more this article is for you only.

Before getting into how you can improve sperm count, it is better to know what actually causes poor ejaculation. And, some facts.

Factors affecting sperm count

It is important to understand what actually lessens the amount of your cum. Thus, you could avoid them to have an improved ejaculation.

Sexual desire

sexual desire

It is also known as libido. When you have a strong sexual passion, it is very common that you will have better cum.

When you have sex with mere desire, you must have noticed that your performance was not that good as usual.

It is all about what is in your mind. The more passionate you are for anything whether sex or something else, you find yourself happier and comfortable while doing that thing.

The same applies when you talk about how to produce cum. When your desire for sex is physically and mentally powerful, your mind eventually affects sperm quality and quantity.

Erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction that is also known as male impotency is a disease where a man finds himself unable to get and maintain an erection even when he is sexually stimulated.

In such a situation, where a man is not even capable to erect his penis, how can you expect cum?

By the way, there are medications available for this disease. You can try out Generic Viagra 50mg Tablets that is the minimum dosage of this medication. And, if it does works effectively, you can move on to higher dosages.

Viagra is an FDA approved drug to treat erectile dysfunction that increases the bloodstream to the penis and creates an erection. And, maintain it by destroying PDE5 and balancing cGMP in the body.

Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) causes the penis to lose erection faster and cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) keeps the blood locked in the penis hence keep it erected.

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Testosterone levels

testosterone levels

Testosterone is the male sex hormone. When you have a good testosterone level in your body, you will ultimately shoot a bigger load.

On the other hand, when you are having low testosterone amount, your sexual drive will ultimately demoralize hence the sperm count. It can also lead a man to infertility if the testosterone degrades too much.

There are medicines and supplements available in the market that can help you gain increased testosterone levels. Adopting a good lifestyle can also be a plus point to your sexual relationship.

Facts you should know

  1. The ejaculation in men is the most is when they are around 30-35 in age.
  2. As age increases, the amount of ejaculation starts decreasing.
  3. Men with obesity usually have less sperm count if comparing with fit men.
  4. Too much smoking and drinking lessen sperm count and its quality.

How to improve (Increase) sperm count

Finally, here we are. You must have understood what causes poor ejaculation or sperm count and it is time to find a way to overcome this problem.

To be honest, sperm count cannot be increased by medication. If you have ever heard of some medicine helping improve semen, that is fake.

The amount and quality of sperm you ejaculate utterly depends on your physical and psychological health condition.
If you are following a good lifestyle and having no mental issues, you might never face decreasing sperm count issue.

Well, we picked some working ways that will help you get rid of lessening ejaculation. If you follow them, you are more likely to improve your semen and keep it up.

#1: Exercise


As we all know, exercising is good to boost physical performance hence the sexual stamina. But, did you know exercising also increases the testosterone levels that will eventually enhance the sperm quality?

Avoid over-exercising because it may have opposite results on the body including the risk of injuries.

If you concern about exercise on a board level, you will find that people who do exercise daily have superb stamina, low-stress level, and great body posture.

It highlights that if you initiate with exercising, you are more likely to improve your overall health.
If you see, it is not a bad deal.

#2: Have a good sleep

good sleep

Do you know why people who have sleep 8 hours and above are more active, happy, and productive?

It is because they are recovering their energy utterly. After a long day of working, if you do not get enough sleep and let your body relax, you are about to face not only poor sperm count but also other health issues.

Unless your mind and body are relaxed, you cannot expect a good ejaculation. Sleeping for more than 8 hours will help your mind feel stress-free and your body to feel fresh.

Taking enough sleep will also increase testosterone levels, hence the quality of your semen.

#3: Reduce stress

stress reduction

Stress is a major reason for destroying psychological health. Any person who is stressed has less control over his or her senses.

This loss of control on the brain can cause many issues such as depression that directly connects to sex health.

Any person with stress will have low libido. And, this decrement in libido will have an adverse effect on the sperm count.

Try reducing your stress by often conversing with your family, discuss things, and keep your professional life out of the home. Balancing your personal and professional life will greatly help you minimize your stress.

#4: Avoid smoking and drinking

avoid smoking and drinking

Excess use of smoking and drinking destroy the sperm count. The reason why it happens is, the element these beverages are made with demolish the body stamina and reduce your control on your mind.

You must have noticed that people who smoke and drink seem to be weak and mentally disturbed. And, as said already, sperm count depends on what is in your mind. If you have a strong desire for sex, you will ultimately see yourself performing well while the intercourse.

People have spread the myth that smoking and drinking can reduce stress, but it is not true. You might feel a bit relaxed after their intake but this happens because you are satisfying your need that moment.
Avoiding these beverages would help you have improved ejaculation.

#5: Eat well

eat well

Your eating habits precisely affect your sperm count. If you are eating oily, fried, and fatty foods all the time you will have low physical stamina.

Eating vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc-rich foods, foods containing anti-oxidant and omega-3 fat will boost your physical health. And, once you have attained good stamina, you will find yourself good at sex as well.

As you know, good food does not only maintain your body for a short span of time but for a long period.

You should adopt the habit of eating well not just to enhance your sex life but also for a perfectly healthy living. People who eat healthily feel refreshed and energetic all the time.

Eating good can be a move to be better and more productive. Try this on.

The bottom line

After this in-depth discussion of how you can improve your sperm count and keep it up, it is time to wrap up. We went through a good discussion of how to cum more explaining factors affecting it and some facts about it.
Improving your lifestyle is the key to be good at everything whether it is sex or common life.
If this content helped you, drop us a comment!

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