How Prostate Massage Therapy Can Cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in Men?

prosate massage for erectile dysfunction

For medical or therapeutic reasons, the male prostate needs a massage at times. The treatment helps a set of health conditions. Thus, Prostate massage for ED is a common process too. The gland is a part of the male reproductive system. It is located near the rectum and under the bladder of a male body.

Basically, the male prostate is made of two sections. Surrounding the urethra, the gland joins to the bladder. The same gland is responsible for sperm formation is the body. Thus, it is vital. The massage is at times called as drainage. It is the procedure to check the irregularities of the lumps with the fingers flowed by massage therapy.

Is Prostate Massage For Erectile Dysfunction?

The use of the treatment is minimal in the medical field. For that reason, many doctors don’t prefer and suggest it to their patients. But a particular group of patients has been benefited with the treatment. It eases the blockage of reproductive fluid in the system. It also eliminates them to get rid of painful ejaculation.

Patients who are suffering from erectile dysfunction can also have some benefits to this method. Now there are multiple medication and therapies for ED. Previously, the treatment method was used to stimulate the gland and treat erectile dysfunction. The primary treatment for Ed includes treating various symptoms that impact erection directly or passively. It may also include specific dietary and lifestyle changes too. Apart from doing pelvic floor muscle exercise and jelqing exercise for erection, men who have done the Prostate massage therapy, said that they have increased their sexual pleasure. They even were able to ejaculate more easily with prostate massage therapy.

The prostate is one of the pivotal glands of the male reproductive system. It secretes fluid to keep the sperm nourished. How massage therapy helps the prostate to stay healthy and treat erectile dysfunction

How To Do It With A Partner?

The therapy is not recommended by a large number of doctors. So, it might be hard to find a professional therapist. If your husband or boyfriend is suffering from ED, you can be the helping hand to him. For men, you can ask your partner to join in with you to your daily massage routine. Before you start performing prostate massage therapy, you must know what to expect during the massage. If you are known to Digital Rectal Exam (DRE), it is very similar to that.

The urologists generally go for a routine check of the lumps. They also check the changes in the gland and other Prostate infection symptoms and possible signs of cancer in their patients’ body. The DRE is performed to know the prostatic secretion and to identify the signs of infection and other disorders.


If you are the helping hand of your partner to get the prostate massage done, you must know how to massage your prostate initially.

  • During the procedure, the person massaging needs to insert a gloved and lubricated finger in the rectum of the man.
  • The person needs to press on the gland gently for some minutes or say rub it with the soft press.
  • If the method feels to be painful, the patient must share it with the one who is performing it. Though the initial few minutes of the treatment is very uncomfortable. But the therapy must not be painful for the patient.
  • The person must follow the period of the massage according to herself or as the doctor recommends.

Attending several massage sessions in a month is recommended to the patient who has started the therapy recently. The number of sessions can be reduced afterward according to the requirement and the recommendation of the doctor.

How To Stimulate Your Gland?

One cannot deny the fact that Prostate orgasms feel merely good. Many men have admitted the fact that prostate milking is much more satisfying than penile orgasm. In the modern lifestyle scenario, many men are suffering from prostatitis. Which is an inflammation to the reproductive gland? The best way to oxygenate is to perform a prostate massage.

Now if prostatitis is not the purpose for the massage you are performing, you must know how to stimulate it. Start the process by relaxing your body to the utmost level. Relaxation is essential if you are a novice to the stimulation.

Clean the surrounding of your anus thoroughly. If you have some other health issues like fissures you must wait till the time, they are completely healed. You might need some items at this point to aid your stimulation method.

  • A towel to lie on
  • some stimulation to assist you to the arousal
  • A sexual lubricant
  • Gloves
  • Prostate massager or a partner to help you with it.

If you are sexually aroused at the time of the massage, it helps you to locate the gland quickly. The gland gets swelled during sexual desire. Basically, there are two ways to give your partners a great prostate massage therapy: direct and indirect. Perineum pressure and anal penetration are methods of indirect therapy. The immediate process is to use the urethral dilator, which is basically a vibrator used for the purpose. If you are a giver of prostate orgasm, you need to keep some points in mind:

  • Make sure that you have trimmed your nails properly
  • You are not wearing any piece of jewelry
  • Check your own fingers to be sure that you don’t have any cut or injury

How To Use Prostate Massager?

A prostate massager is probably the only sex toy a man would like to own. It is a vibrator kind of device which sends good vibration to your organ between bladder and urethra. Though the primary function of the gland is to secrete fluid to keep the sperms nourished. But a proper massage can get men an utmost level of sexual pleasure.

The fundamental difference between a prostate massager and other sex toys is the design of the device. To reach the organ, the device needs to be a little curved which point towards the belly button. If you have never used a gland massager previously, you need to be slow with it.

If you find it uncomfortable to insert something directly to your anus, try some other way. Let the massage device vibrate the perineum to achieve gentle stimulation from outside.

Follow the simple steps to get the best use of the prostate massager you have owned:

  • Keep on stroking the penis until you achieve an adequate level of erection
  • Now apply a lubricant around the anus
  • Now start inserting the prostate massager slowly and carefully inside your anus and begin to masturbate again. If you feel dry inside re-apply the lubricant once again and enter the massager once again.
  • Insert the prostate massager deeper until you feel a barrier of the lumps inside towards the root of the penis. Now when you have found your prostate keep on playing with it.

A prostate massager is useful to get you an improved sexual life. A massager device can get up to 30 minutes to get you arousal. If you are a taker of the prostate massage therapy, then you must be sure that you have emptied your bowel for the day to have a poop-free massage. If you want to achieve more sensation in the area, you may choose to shave the area around your anus. A sensitive touch is usually beneficial for warming up the session. If you want to take a pee-break before starting the course, can give you peace of mind and relaxation.

How Can Prostate Massage Therapy Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is basically the problem where a man finds it difficult to have a harder and proper erection. To get erected, a man must have a sexual desire. If you want to have any ED drug to help you with that, you must know that no ED drugs can help you to get an arousal.

The treatment procedure initially works with getting arousal. Through the process it touches the gland and the area around the anus, resulting in a sensation. At times even when a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, the treatment is enough to achieve orgasm. It also regulates the blood flow in your body.

Lacking adequate blood flow to the penis is another cause of erectile dysfunction. The gland ducts get cleared during the process to help the blood to flow without any blockage. An appropriate method or procedure of treatment gets you a healthy reproductive gland. As the organ is responsible for keeping up the sperm healthy and nourished, you get better sexual health.

Your orgasm and sexual health help you to keep up good general health as well.


Before you start with the prostate massage therapy, make sure to talk to your doctor. You may also discuss what you can expect to from the massage therapy. You can plan more than one session over several weeks and months. One session of the therapy is not enough to get you the desired result.

But you will start noticing relief from the very first massage therapy. The symptoms start disappearing with every increasing number of massages therapy.

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