Erectile Dysfunction Vasodilators: What Are The Available Options?

Erectile Dysfunction Vasodilators

Erectile Dysfunction Vasodilators: What Are The Available Options?

  •  Well… if you know about Erectile Dysfunction Vasodilators , you must have heard of Erectile Dysfunction. Basically, vasodilators are used to treat male erection issues.
  • It may seem a little confusing, but yes, there are several types of vasodilators doctors prescribe their ED patients with. To improve their erectile health through better blood circulation.
  • Now the real question is, how do vasodilators help with Erectile Dysfunction or ED, and if they do, what options are available.
  • Well… there are some natural supplements, prescription medications, injections, and topical gels that are good vasodilators. And, can definitely help improve male erections.
  • Now, this post is going to be a detailed discussion on how Erectile Dysfunction vasodilators work, their available options, and how you can use the right one and in the right way.

Let’s get started!

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 What are ED Vasodilators and how do they work?

  • Well… if we break it into specific terms, a Vasodilators is any type of medicine or supplement which can relax and widen blood arteries. To help blood circulate more frequently.
  • But, now you must be wondering; okay, but how do these Ed vasodilators actually work on one’s erection?
  • It is simple… but you have got to understand what Erectile Dysfunction, also called ED or male impotence is. And, also how it occurs in men.
  • So, Erectile Dysfunction is a male sexual disorder which is more common to occur in men with aging.
  • It makes a man incapable to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse.
  • Now, you will be astonished to know that it happens because of aging or some physical condition that causes penile blood arteries to narrow.
  • In such a situation, Erectile Dysfunction (impotence) vasodilators help improve erection.
  • By relaxing and widening the narrowed penile arteries.
  • As a result, blood flow to penile tissues also known as corpus cavernosa increases which eventually develops a firm and lasting erection.

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What Erectile Dysfunction vasodilator options are available in the market?

  • Like we mentioned earlier, there are several Erectile Dysfunction (impotence) vasodilators in different forms. One can pick an option according to his suitability and health condition.
  • Generally, ED vasodilators are available as natural supplements, oral medications, topical gels, and injections.
  • Either one can choose a suitable option or seek a doctor’s help to make a right choice for him.
  • Well… do you feel stuck to choose between the vasodilators options you have got? No worries, we can help you out. Every type of vasodilator is suitable for a certain type of person and as to his health condition.


Erectile Dysfunction drugs vasodilator

  • Well… it is no doubt that you must know about Erectile Dysfunction drugs. Yeah, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved drugs used for treating erection issues in men.
  • Sold as prescription based oral medications, these drugs contain such ingredients which help dilate penile blood arteries for a couple of hours or even days sometimes.
  • Within the dilation period, one can easily achieve and maintain an erection while sexually aroused.

These vasodilator ED drugs include;

Erectile Dysfunction Vasodilators Medicines: know more

  • Viagra (Sildenafil): Viagra containing sildenafil citrate is the first FDA approved oral medication branded and patented by Pfizer. The sildenafil 200 mg online in this medicine belongs to a group of medicines called phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. And, these inhibitors work as good vasodilators. Viagra usually takes some 30-45 minutes to kick off in the system and help one get and keep an erection while sexually stimulated.
  • Cialis (Tadalafil): Cialis containing Tadalafil 60 mg online also belongs to the same group of medicines called PDE-5 inhibitors.
  • It has a pretty similar working mechanism and effect as sildenafil citrate drug. But, its best part is; it can last upto 36 hours whereas sildenafil and other ED drugs can last around 4-6 hours at most.
  • Levitra (Vardenafil): Levitra containing vardenafil is another PDE-5 inhibitor which is known to have stronger effects than other common inhibitors. Vardenafil 60 mg Online (Levitra) belongs to the same drug family Sildenafil and Tadalafil belong to; and so is much similar.
  • Fildena : Fildena containing Fildena 100mg pills is generally prescribed as an alternative to Viagra (sildenafil) since it is rather equivalent to it. Having the same mechanism, effect, and lasting duration; it can be taken by men who found sildenafil unsuitable or allergic.

So, these are some Erectile Dysfunction drug vasodilators . Well… if you do not know, these ED drugs or medications are most prescribed treatment for Erectile Dysfunction.

Because, since they were first approved in the 1990’s; they have proven to work on men’s poor erections.

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Natural vasodilators for ED

Not just medications, there are several natural foods and supplements that work as vasodilators.

Talking about these vasodilator supplements and Erectile Dysfunction; they might have a different working mechanism but the effect is pretty similar as if ED oral medications.

They also help a man get and keep better erection by relaxing and widening penile arteries. Indeed, natural vasodilators comparatively have a longer lasting effect than Prescription ED drugs.

These natural vasodilators for ED include;

  • L-arginine: L-arginine is a science-backed supplement that works to improve male erections. It contains a good amount of amino acid which converts into nitric oxide. And, nitric oxide is what our arteries release on better blood circulation. Nitric oxide generally helps dilate blood arteries and boost blood flow.
  • Panax ginseng: Also known as Korean red ginseng, panax ginseng is an aphrodisiac. However, it is also found to work as a vasodilator rather than simply boosting sexual libido.It may work like prescription medications to relax and widen penile arteries for improved erections.

Best Erectile Dysfunction Vasodilators

  • Cocoa: Believe it or not, caffeine is a great vasodilator. It does not only help improve sexual desire but it also dilate penile blood vessels to help achieve and maintain erection during sex.
  • Watermelon: If you do not know, watermelon is a nitric oxide rich fruit. Its juice can be regularly consumed for arteries dilation. The best part is, this fruit has several other health benefits too.
  • Beetroot: As if watermelon, beetroot fruit is also rich in nitric oxide. With a pretty similar mechanism of a vasodilator, it also works to boost male erection.

These are some natural foods and supplements that work as vasodilators and help improve ED. Anyone can add them into their diet plan and consume it regularly. If not ED, it can also be used for better enlargement.

Vasodilator creams for Erectile Dysfunction

  • Well… if you are looking for a topical cream for Erectile Dysfunction, you would undoubtedly like to end up on Vitaros.
  • However this cream is not approved by FDA, but it is surely the best ED cream.
  • Having alprostadil, a vasodilator liquid, Vitaros can be applied on the head of the penis 30-45 minutes before planning to indulge into sexual activity.
  • It gradually absorbs into the skin and begins to improve male erections.Unfortunately, it is not FDA approved but in Canada and Europe, it has been widely used and found effective on erectile health.

 Vasodilator injections for ED

  • Similarly as the topical cream Vitaros containing alprostadil, penile injections also contain the same chemical.
  • Well… alprostadil is much like ED medications and has a pretty similar effect and working mechanism.
  • But, the different part is, it can directly be injected on the base of penis.
  • Once it is injected, it slowly gets into the penile vessels and begins to dilate it for better blood circulation i.e. firm and lasting erection.
  • -These are some effective Erectile Dysfunction (impotence) vasodilators which can be alternated. And, be picked in accordance to one’s suitability and health condition.

Other ways to improve ED

Other ways to improve Erectile Dysfunction Vasodilators problems

  • Vasodilator is not the only way to get rid of Erectile Dysfunction (ED).
  • There are some other ways to not only improve but to prevent male erection issues as well.
  • These ways, we would say; rely on how you live, your lifestyle.
  • Yes, your lifestyle has a tremendous impact on your overall health. To a greater extent, your habits and food choices are responsible to develop erection issues with ageing.
  • But yes, you can surely fix that. There are certain common lifestyle habits changes that could prevent and improve one’s erection problems.

These lifestyle changes include;

  • Regular exercising, especially cardio.
  • Healthy diet
  • Yoga and meditation. and
  • Quitting smoking and alcohol

These are the lifestyle changes that help. Well… if you wonder how they changes could work for you, they simply improve one’s cardio health, emotional health, and sexual stamina.

Seeking a doctor’s help

  • Usually, ED is common and a patient can take some over the counter medications or supplements to improve the condition.
  • But, if the condition persists for longer; weeks to months, that is presumably the moment to seek a doctor’s help with it.
  • Doctors have dozens of treatment options for one’s erection issues, and they may recommend you one that is suitable and optimally effective for you.
  • For example, doctors usually prefer oral medications over injections or penile implants; because, they understand the potential consequences such treatments may develop.With a proper health diagnosis,
  • A doctor may suggest what treatment would work best for you and prescribe along with essential instructions. Seeking a doctor’s help is mostly advantageous.


  • No doubt there are dozens of natural and mediational vasodilators available in the market. And, anyone can use any of these vasodilators to improve his erection issues.
  • But, it is probably not how it should be going; a doctor can probably help handle your erectile health better.
  • ED’s prevention is as important as its treatment. A doctor may suggest with certain lifestyle changes and a proper medication to cure the disorder.
  • Yes, Erectile Dysfunction vasodilators will help but it is always good to start with any treatment under a doctor’s supervision; to avoid possible side effects or health consequences.

Hope this post helped. Do share and comment your views down below!


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